Monday, August 12, 2013

When Una Came of Age: by Molly

When Una came of age,
Suitors came on her life’s stage,
Among them a dreaded prince.

That dreaded prince
(Whom Felix fenced)
Was the Prince Aethelbald.

That lovelorn prince
She had hated since
The day that she had met him.

Princess Una said
“I refuse to wed
That odd Prince Aethelbald.”

Her loathing grew 
After quite a few
Restless, hot nights.

During those nights,
Una’s ring became tight
And singed her finger.

Prince Aethelbald tried
To help her fried
And aching dainty hands.

But Una did not relent
To this poor kind gent
And instead walked away.

She soon fell in a trance
Of sighing romance
Swooning for the king’s jester.

The jester, she found out
Though people thought him a lout
Was Prince Lionheart in disguise.

She gave him her ring
(And inside, it made him sing!)
And joyfully, he departed.

But he soon betrayed
Una, that fair maid
And gave her ring away.

Una finally became
No longer quite so tame
When she became a dragon.

But lo and behold,
That prince so bold
Rescued Princess Una.
By the prince’s arts,
He changed her heart
Formed it like his own.

Una relented,
Formally repented
And gave up her hardness of heart.

So Una finally married
And then she got carried
To Aethelbald’s kingdom.

And so it ends
All become friends
And live Happily Ever After.

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